Cooking with Smeg Inspirations - Smeg South Africa

How to choose the right element, the functions you can't do without, the programs to optimise performance. Between energy efficiency and cutting edge performance.

The triple formula for a healthier life

Bringing professional products into a domestic environment, built-in vacuum drawers and blast chillers are available for truly expert results. Innovative products with the capability to transform the way you prepare and cook food.

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Making coffee is an art form which requires the right tools. With Smeg small household appliances, you can find the perfect combination of design, tradition and innovation.

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Wines stored with the utmost care

Optimal temperature, ideal humidity levels and attention to details are key traits of Smeg wine coolers, real domestic wine storage.

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Steam cooking

An age-old, healthy cooking method that preserves and enhances the real essence of food

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The perfect Christmas gift

Five ideas you can't resist to make your domestic atmosphere special during Christmas time 

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