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When considering your new built-in oven, which fuel suits you best?


When talking about gas versus electric ovens, the conversation often falls to energy supply and how much each cost to run? According to figures from the Energy Saving Trust, gas and electric ovens use the same amount of energy units, in the 200’s of kWh per year, but the much higher price of electricity compared with gas makes electric ovens can make them more expensive to run. However, the conversation rarely considers the different cooking experience given by each and how these suits different lifestyles.

The majority of Smeg’s ovens are electric however in November 2015, we released our 60cm Linea fan oven in a gas version. So what’s different about cooking with gas?

Modern electric ovens are often quicker to heat up and remain at a constant temperature whether using the top shelf or lower shelf. For a lot of people this is a huge comfort and allows them to place food at any level without taking fluctuating heat into consideration. Gas ovens however are known to provide a slightly graduated, traditional form of heat which some customers prefer, as it gives them versatility. In the Smeg gas ovens, the source of heat is at the bottom, which can make it slightly cooler at the top. However, the Smeg unique Circogas system uses a fan to distribute heat more evenly for a more constant temperature giving ultimate flexibility, fan or no fan. The graduated temperature can be particularly useful when cooking a roast dinner, where meat and potatoes should be cooked at slightly different temperatures.

Gas ovens also provide a more humid and moist heat, ideal for cooking foods such as fruit cake and bread where drying out can be a challenge. This is because water vapour is produced during combustion. In comparison, the heat from electric tends to be dryer which is preferred by cake bakers.

Ultimately, the choice about whether to opt for gas or electric will be driven by personal preference, what the customer is familiar with and the physical supply to their home. It’s important to consider what you are most likely to cook and how often, to get to the right decision about which is best for you. Smeg gas ovens are available in both the Classic and now Linea aesthetic range. Why not take a look at both on our website and decide from there?