Feeling like an expert chef with high-performance, professional kitchen appliances even in a domestic setting is now possible, courtesy of the new built in pyrolytic ovens by Smeg, which measure 90x48 cm in width.

90 cm Dolce Stil Novo ovens:


Oven, Dolce Stil Novo, Reduced height 90cm, Thermo-ventilated, Black, Component finish: Copper, A+, Pyrolitic
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Oven, Dolce Stil Novo, Reduced height 90cm, Thermo-ventilated, Black, Component finish: Stainless steel, A+, Pyrolitic
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The latest models in the Smeg range, the SFPR9604NR and SFPR9604NX from the Dolce Stil Novo aesthetic line, are a source of inspiration, both in terms of design and performance.

The stylistic feature that identifies the new aesthetic is the use of noble materials, colour and light which characterize volumes with an even, monochromatic surface, enhanced by refined details, above all copper or stainless steel trims, which outline the upper and lower edges of the glass and return as a leitmotif of the whole range.
Innovative additions include theinnovative Smart Cooking system with colour touch control display that provide 50 automatic programs and 10 customisable recipes, that allow you to get excellent results. Recipes can be prepared with ease, by selecting the type of food you are preparing, how it is cooked and how much it weighs, ensuring it is cooked to perfection.

For those who love cooking at home, the new 90 cm Smeg pyrolytic ovens represent the ideal tool: with a spacious total capacity of 85 litres, these appliances offer high levels of flexibility, enabling several oven dishes of different dimensions to be inserted into the oven at the same time. Perfect, speedy cooking is guaranteed by the fan-assisted system with 3 fans, which distributes the heat evenly and effectively for impeccable results.

For increased convenience when using these ovens, they are also equipped with the pyrolytic function, an automatic cleaning cycle which heats the oven to extremely high temperatures of up to 500 °;C, burning away any dirt and grease on the walls of the cavity with no need to use chemical cleaning products.

Cutting-edge technological solutions and the optimised application of electronics allows the new ovens to reduce the energy consumption by 10% compared to models with an A rated energy class. Excellent cooking results are still guaranteed, as well considerable energy savings.

Smeg’;s new 90 cm pyrolytic ovens provide the perfect solution to the needs of all those who love cooking with passion and refinement. With a unique and elegant design, these products represent an exclusive choice that brings a touch of elegance and professionalism to any domestic environment, the epitome of unrivalled Made in Italy style.