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CAPE TOWN, South Africa - Iconic Smeg retro refrigerators, some of the rarest and unusual South African plants, and an acclaimed visual artist known for her exceptional creative flair – hardly your everyday combination, but a collaboration that’s resulted in the creation of truly unique works of art.

Ahead of her first ever so­­lo exhibition, South African award winning film producer and stills photographer, Filipa Domingues has replaced conventional mediums to give life and body to creativity via one of today’s most coveted design objects – the Smeg retro fridge.

With Smeg’s support, Filipa has exclusively curated 4 limited-release ‘CheckMyPlants’ Smeg retro fridges as the ultimate collectors’ items. These bespoke pieces feature her visually spectacular stills of iconic South African plants with Smeg’s black retro fridge as the canvas to perfectly emulate her signature style photography. The result is nothing short of spectacular.

“Smeg have always had deep passion and appreciation for the arts and the opportunity to play a part in the creative expression of such a talented South African photographer is an absolute honour” commented Steve Brookes, Managing Director, Smeg South Africa. “It goes without saying that Filipa’s enthusiasm in capturing all things rare and unusual in an effort to drive a greater appreciation for our environment is commendable. This sentiment resonates closely with our green company values making this campaign one that we’re truly proud of” adds Brookes.

Title: Proteas by Filipa Domingues “A burnt Protea lepidocarpodendron, always found growing within a 20km radius of the ocean, typically in sandstone, fericrete and granite soils in the Western Cape of South Africa. When the bush is killed by fire, the seeds which are saved up over many years, are released recolonising the area as quickly as possible, which is why natural fires are so important to the floral kingdom in the Cape”


Title: Impala Lily by Filipa Domingues “A glorious Adenium multiflorum in full bloom, more commonly known as the Impala lily. They rarely flower until they are four to five years old.”

Title: Aloe HB Barbed Wireby Filipa Domingues “A jaw-droppingly beautiful blueish green Aloe hybrid creation with pink barbed wire tips!

Title: Kigelia Africana by Filipa Domingues “Naturally occurring throughout tropical Africa, and is also common in India. The blood-red flowers bloom at night on long, rope like stalks that hang down from the tree. It is pollinated by bats, insects and sunbirds in their native habitat”

In addition to an exquisite assortment of her signed and framed prints, photographer Filipa Domingues has made this incredibly special tribute series of 4 limited-release ‘CheckMyPlants’ Smeg retro FAB28 fridges available exclusively to the supporters of her fund raising campaign as a special once-off only in South Africa. All proceeds raised will go towards covering the production costs of her first solo exhibition in September this year.

For more information follow @CheckMyPlants on Instagram and Facebook.