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And celebrating thirty years of timeless design


Smeg is celebrating a 30 year collaboration of architectural design with the release of its world-leading aesthetic, the Classic. Ever the visionary, Smeg was the first brand to understand and incorporate design values into its products and in 1985 embarked on an ambitious program to ensure every Smeg appliance collection was engineered with the latest and most innovative technology and styled with exceptional aesthetic value.

When famous Italian architect Guido Canali first collaborated with Smeg on the Classic range 30 years ago, he applied rigid architectural principles to the design of the collection. Strict form and simple, essential design were his mantra – every ‘almost industrial’ straight line with the most perfect rolled edge will meet a plate of glass exactly.

The purity and essence of Classic exudes that elusive Made in Italy style which has never been out of date. 

Smeg’s 67 years of engineering new cooking technologies also means Smeg has earned the reputation for the best performing oven in terms of pure cooking. Smeg’s cooking cavity ingeniously operates without the constant in-take of external air. Using physics, Smeg has pioneered a unique and energy-efficient system in the cavity to enable humidity control, without the need for expensive or complicated steam systems. 

It’s summarised in the name Thermoseal – the seal of taste.

This produces the perfect atmospheric balance required for optimum cooking conditions. Where moisture is not required, for example for pastry or meringue, it’s released. Where moisture is required, for example for a roast, it’s maintained. There is no guesswork involved, no gadgets and no intervention. It’s the easiest way to get perfect results, every time.

A deeply ingrained appreciation for quality cooking and gourmet food has also inspired Smeg to supply the Gourmet Cooking Stone as an option. It’s a custom-designed refractory stone slab which sits perfectly into the base of the Smeg cavity instantly enables you to cook as if it were a traditional stone oven. For artisanal baking, the dough will activate, rise and aerate perfectly with the contact heat of the stone and Smeg’s Thermoseal provides a glorious glossy crust.

Gourmet Cooking Stone – for authentic artisanal stone cooking

Add to this, the new Smeg Classic 45cm high compact ovens, which are matched to complete the collection with precision. They feature cooking technologies to suit every lifestyle. There’s a speed oven for super-fast nutritious meals after work, a combi-steam oven for a multitude of uses including gentle meal re-heating and healthy steam cooking, combination microwave with grill, steam oven and of course the state-of-the-art built-in coffee machine.

Highlights include Smeg’s Eclipse black glass which has exceptional visibility into the appliance when the light is on, Ever Clean enamel and pyrolytic or Vapour Clean cleaning function for simple maintenance, easy-read displays, SmartSense Plus cooking guides or Smart Sense pre-set programs, and soft close doors.

Smeg’s devotion to technology with style is the reason the Classic Collection has endured – always in the best possible taste.