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Dolce Stil Novo Aesthetic

EAN13: 8017709260569

15cm Height "Dolce Stil Novo" Vacuum Drawer, Black glass with Copper Trim

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Suitable for fitting directly beneath a 45cm height compact steam oven or blast chiller. Both items fit in a standard 60cm aperture

Maximum load weight 15kg (inside drawer) / 85kg (above the drawer)

Touch control

Push pull mechanism (no handle)

4 levels of vacuum in bags: delicate, preservation sous-vide

Reseal function

Chef function: compression, decompression

3 levels of sealing: delicate, medium, maximum

3 levels of vacuum in containers: delicate, medium, maximum

Automatic dehumidification pump cycle

Vacuum sensor with 10 mbar accuracy

Net capacity: 6.5 litres


50 bags for sous-vide cooking

Optional Accessories

LIFEBOX - Set of 3 containers for use with Vacuum drawers

VBAG1 - 50 Sous Vide Bags 20x30cm suitable for use with Vacuum drawers

VBAG2 - 50 Sous Vide Bags 25x35cm suitable for use with Vacuum drawers