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Filter coffee machines

Smeg drip filter coffee machine allow you to prepare deliciously aromatic, richly-flavoured coffee to be savoured slowly, the ideal companion for a hard day at work.

Drip filter coffee machines

Filter (or ‘Americano’) coffee is a pleasure to be savoured slowly, and is often associated with the idea of a long, relaxing break: the ideal companion for a day at work with your cup on your desk, to be enjoyed at breakfast or lunch, or to take with you when you leave the house - a pleasant companion to combat the hustle and bustle of your day.

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Smeg DCF02 drip filter coffee machine series:


Filter Coffee Machine, Cream, 50's Style
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Filter Coffee Machine, Black, 50's Style
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Filter Coffee Machine, Red, 50's Style
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Filter Coffee Machine, Pastel blue, 50's Style
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Filter Coffee Machine, Pastel green, 50's Style
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Filter Coffee Machine, White, 50's Style
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Filter Coffee Machine, Stainless steel, 50's Style
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TOUCH the simplicity of technology

A joyful coffee experience with just one touch beverages selection.

Fill the container with your favourite coffee beans and select your beverage of choicethe intuitive Control panel and the one touch functions. Within a few seconds your coffee will be ready.